Mission Statement

The Great Commission Fellowship exists to facilitate, expedite, and otherwise complete the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ as commanded in Matthew 28:19-20. We endeavor to achieve this goal by assuming the posture of a servant. By networking with local pastors, we enable churches of any size or resource level to participate in missionary training, sending, and church planting. Please find below a brief description of our services



Missions Program Consulting - We visit the local church at the invitation of the senior pastor where we submit our suggestions on how to establish or expand the mission outreach of the fellowship. Through Short Term Trips, Mission Encounters, and Church Networking, you can maximize the impact your local church has on the nations.

Mission Impartation Weekends - A Mission Impartation Weekend is a retreat where a local church or smaller group set themselves apart to experience the heart of God for world mission. Whether you’re kicking off your missions program, preparing for a short term trip, or just rekindling your passion for the unreached, the Impartation Weekend will forever impact your church and your life.

Short Term Mission Trips - A short term mission trip is a life changing experience. Regardless of the size of your church, your body has access to the nations in a safe, well planned, and well executed trip. You can cooperate with other like-minded fellowships from around North America in adopting a people group, a region, or a nation. A short term trip turns a pin on map into a face and life. You yoke up with foreign churches and impart the treasures of your local body into their lives. And as it is with God, you always receive so much more than you give. Both the sending and receiving churches are richer for the experience. A portion of the cost of each trip is used to actually plant and build churches in the region you visit. 

Global Church Networking - Global Church Networking connects pastors and churches with similar vision from around the globe to cooperate in church planting, church strengthening, and world harvest. Through cooperative short term trips, church plants, and church building projects, there is a place for every Pastor, church, and church member to participate in the Great Commission. Two will set ten thousand to flight, and a three-fold cord is not easily broken! 

Apostolic Team Ministry - Currently the G.C.F. sends apostolic teams around the globe in support of national pastors... Our teams make trips in and out of the country ranging from 10 to 90 days at a time, teaching, and organizing conferences in the various regions of the world. We invite pastors with specific needed ministry gifting to join us for portions of these trips as their schedule and resources permit.  Future projects include working to establish Ministry Training centers as well as Life Stations, and Drug Rehabilitation centers around the world.

Cooperative Church Planting - Similar to Global Church Networking, Cooperative Church Planting is a cooperative effort focused strictly on church planting in a specific region or people group.  You can make an open or closed end commitment to the project, based upon your vision and resources.

If we can serve you or ministry in participating in world harvest, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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